Gail Foster Tasmania Tasmania
Possums, Pumpkins and Princesses
A Sequel to The Victory Garden
Possums, Pumpkins and Princesses continue the adventures in the victory garden on the home front.
Peg 'n Pip Possum join Hoppy the 'wobbly', Eric the echidna and Bluey the blue-tongue lizard. The gum trees house a crunch of cockies, the courtyard is referred to as the snakery and dog fostering initiates a moult-a-thon.
Four princesses visit the garden for compost gazing, hide and seek, chalk drawing, bike riding, ice cream dribbling and cardboard box construction. The littlest princess adopts a pumpkin, sharing her bed and afternoon tea with her small, round, guest.
Peter builds a hidden garden to lessen wildlife sabotage. Gail stocks her 'magic cupboard' with preserves from the few fruit and vegetables that have survived the onslaught.
A crisis at Christmas, a death, an injury, a car accident and a diabolical bushfire season pepper the story with drama and sadness.
Re-visit the victory garden and stay one step ahead of the wildlife. This is a garden for wildlife by accident rather than design.
Humour is guaranteed with a marriage of opposites and a family cast of eccentric personalities.
'A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything' says the irish proverb. Take Possums, Pumpkins and Princesses to bed and have a good laugh and a long sleep.
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