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Your order will be processed the same day it is received. Note that payments made directly to our bank account using Direct Debit will delay delivery until confirmation is received from the bank. This usually takes a day or two. The PayPal option also allows you to pay with your credit card. All PayPal and Credit Card payments are made on the secure PayPal website. No records of your card details are kept by us. Orders made with PayPal and Credit Card are despatched immediately after authorization by PayPal.
Some personal and address details are needed to deliver your copy of The Question Space. An email address is required for order confirmation, or for contact if the order or delivery fails. We require either a street address OR a post-office box for delivery. Preference will be given to PO box delivery if both are submitted on the form. All prices displayed are in Australian dollars.
Direct Debit banking details will be supplied on the payment confirmation page, and in an email sent to you.
PLEASE NOTE: we no longer offer a postal service to overseas buyers due to excessive Australian postal charges. Overseas customers should email us directly if they wish to purchase a hard copy of The Question Space. A Kindle version of this book is available from Amazon and can be read by any computer using the Kindle reader app.
Purchase Details within Australia:
  • The paperback book price is $25.00
  • Parcel post is $11.70 for a single book (Tasmania only).
  • Express overnight post is $18.45 for 1 - 9 books.
  • Express overnight post is $22.30 for 10 or more books.
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