Gail Foster Tasmania Tasmania
The Victory Garden
A Sequel to Six Months in Wonderland
“But only children bully,” stated the local mayor as I tried to explain my dilemma.
Dreams of verdant abundance and bountiful crops interrupted only by chortling of bird song, had become a nightmare of earth shaking doof doof music, hurtling cars and the constant whine of air conditioners. A neighbour’s indiscriminate water usage resulted in a moat around our new dwelling. I had begun to refer to the house as ‘migraine mansion’.
Would we overcome the torment of our surroundings to achieve a peaceful garden paradise?
Would our recent marriage of opposite personalities survive the battle?
The struggle is interrupted by a European holiday. As ‘Two Tassie Travellers’ we visit 5 countries over 6 weeks. Hilarity, sulks and adventure follow when an upbeat, ‘let’s do it’ nature is combined with a ploddy, reserved character.
The weary travellers return to the enemy onslaught.
Could the victory gardens of World War 2 provide inspiration for our suburban plot?
Could Peter save the day with a technological solution?
This book is for those who have had their domestic tranquillity supplanted by neighbours from hell. It is for those who have been told that “only children bully”, “it’s just a domestic”, or “we don’t have any trouble with our neighbours”. This last comment is completed with a look which is both supercilious and pitying.
The Victory Garden is for those who have read, Six Months in Wonderland and asked, “Are you going to write another one?” and “What happens next?”
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Readers' Reviews
“Gail Foster has an entertaining writing style and a sharp wit which she uses effectively in wry and dry observations of the world. The effect is not unlike the writing of Kathy Lette, with whom she shares the even greater skill of clever pun-making. Victory Garden is a high-energy look at humans going about their daily ordinariness. It will inform and entertain anyone interested in gardening, travel, relationships, raising children, building walls or laughter.”
— Christopher Champion – Editor - Forty South Publishing
“It was a joy to read Gail's book 'The Victory Garden' and see that she had lost none of her zany spark and her joyful celebration of life. The book is enjoyable and full of humorous anecdotes and snippets of Gail's interesting experiences. It is a relaxing read. The reader is led down some unexpected paths and emerges smiling about the ingenious way Gail solves problems.”
— Margaret Laird Valentine (M.Ed)

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