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Scottsdale Linc – Creative Writing Workshop

30th October, 2015

Thirteen eager students participated in my first Creative Writing Workshop. The two hour session began with a getting to know you, book themed card game. It was unanimously decided that the answer to; "When is a writer off duty?" is never. When greeting attendees, many lamented that they had yet to put pen to paper or mouse to screen, even though they had enjoyed several sessions from visiting writers.

This dilemma was addressed by deciding, "What a good writer must be", "How to commit to a writing discipline", and "Strategies for Rejection". A discussion of the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic senses and a mix and match exercise designed to choose character, setting and theme, introduced participants to, "What to write".

The morning concluded with a quiz. Answers showed that contributors had been actively engaged. Question 1, "What must a good writer be – A) a good cook, B) an IT whizz or C) observant, was unanimously answered as C and it was decided that options A and B would also be useful. Question 17, "Give another word for said", needs more work.

Group evaluation was very encouraging. Four students requested another session and six requested more time. Individuals enjoyed the variety of activities, good organisation, interesting and light information, "clues as to how to begin", the enthusiasm of the teacher, participation and, "the knowledge that it is possible!"

Answers to, "One thing I can apply to my writing is;" were

Make time for writing; Show not tell; Use humour; Just start; Listen more to things around me; Attend to detail; Start a journal; Write what you love.

I look forward to seeing the work of the newly formed Scottsdale Creative Writing Support Group.

Gail addressing the seminar

photo above: Gail Foster demonstrating her creative writing to participants at the creative writing workshop.

"Six Months in Wonderland" Launched...

The Hobart Bookshop in Salamanca Square buzzed with animated chatter, wine tasting and cheerful munching at the launch of "Six Months in Wonderland" on the evening of Wednesday, 23rd of March, 2011.

The proceedings were introduced by editor of "40 Degrees South" magazine and publishing and very capable Master of Ceremonies, Warren Boyles. The Lord Mayor, Robert Valentine officially launched the book with a well researched speech. He read a section from Gail's nursing days, finding her process for thermometer hygiene, most humorous. The Lady Mayoress, Margaret Laird Valentine, also supported the occasion.

photo right: Hobart Lord Mayor, Robert Valentine opening the book launch

Hobart Lord Mayor, Robert Valentine
Gail Foster, signing books

While Gail signed books, Chris, Clare and Janet, staff at Hobart Bookshop, sold books to most attendees. One customer, who ventured in during the launch, bought a book after hearing Gail's speech. She requested some words of wisdom for the newly married couple who were to receive her copy of the book!

Approximately 45 people attended the launch of "Six Months in Wonderland". Thankyou to all who attended. It was a most joyful occasion. Happy reading!!

photo left: Author Gail Foster signing books at the launch

Friends and family at the book launch

photo above: Part of the large gathering attending the book launch in Hobart Bookshop

thin line

The Official Book Launch...

"Six Months in Wonderland" will be launched by the Lord Mayor of Hobart, Robert Valentine, on

Wednesday 23rd March at 5.30pm,
at Hobart Bookshop, 22 Salamanca Square, Hobart.

You are invited to come and be part of this exciting occasion. Light refreshments will be served, and you will have opportunity to speak to the author, Gail Foster, and purchase a signed copy of her book.


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